Some code i'm to blame for... mostly hopelessly outdated.
More recently i have mostly been working on Firebreath and later MW:LL.


Small utility for sequentially triggering samples from a playlist via a MIDI pedal. Hacked together for my own needs on stage. Uses Boost, FMOD and RtMidi.


project on


Extends jackctlmmc with control of jack transport by midi controllers - currently, only the JL Cooper CS-10 is supported.
Applies only to jackctlmmc, not the Qt interface, builds via make jackctlmmc.
Quick hack for spreemusik.




a proof of concept for an efficient global command line on windows - currently only supports launching start menu and desktop contents.


turn it on/off via the systray icon (double-click or context menu) or with capslock+g.
invoke the command window by tapping capslock.

in the command window enter a search string and choose the correct match with the up and down keys or by mouse.
launch the entry by hitting return or double clicking it.
to cancel the command window hit escape or click somewhere else.


  • 0.3.1: reduced window focus issues
  • 0.3.1: desktop- and some standard windows-folders included in results
  • 0.3: score-based hits
  • 0.3: close command window on click outside
  • 0.3: description hint for selected hit


gcmd utilizes: wtl, win32-api, boost and wtlntray.


only roughly tested on windows xp
gcmd 0.3.1 screenshot gcmd 0.3.1 source


a basic interpreter for a subset of the c language, written in swi prolog for an academic assignment.


run a c-file with run('/path/to/foo.c'). - example c-source and (german) documentation included.




a live tram et al departure monitor for dresden, germany.


for windows an nsis-based installer is provided.

the source package is suitable for *nix: if you got the qt4 libraries and their dev-packages installed a 'qmake && make' in the source directory should suffice.
longer version (as used on debian):
foo:$ sudo apt-get install make g++ libqt4-core libqt4-gui libqt4-dev
foo:$ unzip
foo:$ cd qamSrcN
foo:$ qmake && make
foo:$ ./qam
... voila.


screenshot version changes
downloads ( cvs-info (


a tournament management program for go-tournaments i hope to finish this year ;) update: currently dead and smelling funny...
it is written in plain c using gtk+ and later libxml2. in case you'd want to peek at it check out the svn-repository of the sourceforge-project.


A simple command line tool for formatted output of id3-tags; useful for example for renaming mp3-files.
This quick hack is in the public domain. It only lamely converts ucs-4 and utf-8 encoded tags to ansi or so. ^^
If someone wants to mess a bit with iconv...


tagged 0.1 source


A screen saver for windows visualising the Nagel-Schreckenberg-Model for simple traffic simulation i wrote as i worked on a school project. Information about the model can be found at
Information regarding installation and configuration can be found in the readme.
This one is public domain with the exception that you can't claim ownership.


NaSchSaver 0.3 NaSchSaver 0.3 source screenshot


this is a javascript-based interpreter for the programming language brainfuck.
the bad thing about it is that it is not finished yet (probably never will be); thus you'll get some nice output of not printable characters... but at least it is basically working.
for some reason it does not seem to work at all when using the internet explorer.


go to it wikipedia article